Stiff enough to transfer power to the pedals, forgiving enough to keep you comfortable during long training efforts. An aerodynamic road frame module based on extensive wind tunnel testing—that’s the Propel. A perfect blend of aero efficiency and all-round ride quality. For the sprint, the chase, the thrill of speed.

2018 Propel Advanced Pro 1 S$3900 S$3499
2018 Propel SLR 2 S$1800

2017 Propel Advanced 1+ S$3900 S$3499
2017 Propel SLR 1 S$2800

2016 Propel Advanced SL Frameset S$3800 S$3200
2016 Propel Advanced SL 1 S$7999
2016 Propel Advanced SL 2 S$6000 S$4299
2016 Propel Advanced 2 S$2700 S$2099
2016 Propel SLR 2 S$2000 S$1799

2015 Propel Advanced SL 1 Frameset S$3800 S$3399
2015 Propel Advanced SL 1 ISP S$7800