A disc-brake specific, advanced grade composite frame forms the heart of this ultra-high-performance beauty. Laid up by hand, every Defy adds road-smoothing comfort without compromising weight or responsiveness. Whether you’re sprinting or launching a long solo break, Defy is engineered to let you hammer out more miles with greater ease. Superlight and smooth riding, this is the new standard for Endurance road.

2018 Defy Advanced 1 CDB S$3200
2018 Defy Advanced 2 S$2400
2018 Defy Advanced 3 S$2200

2017 Defy Advanced 1 S$3200

2016 Defy Advanced SL 1 S$5700
2016 Defy Advanced Pro 2 S$4000
2016 Defy Advanced 2 S$2400 S$2100
2016 Defy Advanced 3 S$2100 S$1850
2016 Defy 1 Disc S$1800 S$1600
2016 Defy 3 S$1100 S$950

2015 Defy Advanced Pro 1 S$4800 S$3999
2015 Defy Advanced Pro 2 S$3300 S$2799