Powering to a mountain top finish, attacking a twisting descent or banging elbows in an all-out sprint. The all-new TCR was built to do it all and do it better than any other bike on the road. It represents the lightest road frameset Giant has ever produced and has the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any road bike available. With a new Variant integrated seatpost design for improved ride quality and the TCR’s proven race geometry, it’s easy to see why Team Giant-Alpecin choose the new TCR to tackle the longest, hardest stage races in the world.

2018 TCR Adv Pro Disc Frame S$1800
2018 TCR SLR 2 S$1800

2017 TCR Advanced Pro Frameset S$1800
2017 TCR Advanced SL 1 DA S$6000
2017 TCR Advanced Pro 0 DA S$6000
2017 TCR Advanced Pro 0 Ui2 S$4800
2017 TCR Advanced Pro 1 S$3900 S$3699
2017 TCR Advanced Pro 2 S$3400
2017 TCR Advanced 1D S$2950 S$2750
2017 TCR Advanced 1 KOM S$2750 S$2300
2017 TCR Advanced 2D S$2600
2017 TCR Advanced 2 S$2300
2017 TCR Advanced 3 S$1950
2017 TCR SLR 1 S$2600 S$2299
2017 TCR SLR 2 S$1800

2016 TCR Advanced SL Frameset S$3200
2016 TCR Advanced SL 1 S$7000 S$5800
2016 TCR Advanced 2 S$2400 S$2199
2016 TCR Advanced 3 S$2100 S$1799
2016 TCR SLR 1 S$2400
2016 TCR SLR 2 S$1800
2016 TCR 1 S$1250 S$1100

2015 TCR Advanced SL ISP Frameset S$2700